The zoom doesn't work properly after setting the position and the quaternion

I’m trying to store the player’s camera view and reset it in case it’s needed, this “seems” to work fine with the below steps (please let me know if there’s a better way)

let [pos, quat] = [,];

play with the camera view on the player, reset the camera view;;

it works, but the zoom doesn’t have any restrictions any more, if I zoom in or zoom out, it goes beyond of what it was before the position and the quaternion were set

Hey Sebastian let me collect some info and see how I can help.

First, which environment are you on? Admin-FTS? Preview?

Are you setting clip distances on your camera on the platform?

I just ran the snippets you sent on an asset in Preview. It has 1 camera with the following settings to control the zoom:


Running your code did change my camera position but my clip distances were still working as expected. If you are setting your clip distances and still having trouble please let me know and I will investigate further.

Hi Will, thanks for your quick response. It seems to be ok now that we moved from preview to admin-fts

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