Can I add a model to a scene? (Not a stage)

I’ve got a custom default scene for testing materials. I want to put a custom model into it, but I only see how to add cubes, spheres, and “from shape” primitives. Is there a way to add a model I’ve imported?

Hi Adam, welcome to the forum. There is absolutely a way to bring a model you’ve imported into your scene. I’m going to point you to our Create a Stage docs that will walk you through it step-by-step.

The docs go a step further than just dropping a model into your scene, this will show you how to set up the scene for reusability so you can bring in other assets and re-use the lighting, cameras, whatever else you eventually set up in there.

Please let me know if I can help further.

If there is any question about scene vs stage you can read our Stages docs. The short answer is

Stages are similar to Catalog Items in that they reference an asset from the Asset Library . Specifically, stages reference Scene Assets.

Thanks. I now have a custom model and custom HDR in my default scene for materials. Huzzah!

One more issue: when I’m working on a material, it doesn’t appear on the custom object. The working material does appear on the sphere primitive I put in the custom scene/stage.

I did add the custom mesh to the rule/action that assigns the material. BUT what I realized is: the custom model does not have a material property!

Yes, if you edit the model itself, the mesh object under the root nulls does of course have a Material property, but it’s not exposed to the scene/stage. How do I expose that material property to the scene?

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Hi Adam, if I’m understanding correctly your challenge is that when editing the model directly, you can change the material values but from the scene level you cannot access them is that correct?

I believe a solution would be to add logic to your model to drive the material changes. Once your model is set up correctly you can place the configurable model into your scene and swap out materials as desired to preview them.

Have you had a chance to look at our self-led training? I believe there could be some helpful resources here in getting familiar with setting up logic.

If you would like something to look at and reverse-engineer, please DM me a link to your org and I can set up a very demonstration for you to reference.

That’s sort of the problem. Here’s what I am trying to do: when I edit materials (not models), I want to see those materials on a custom default model specific to our use case, with a custom default lighting HDRi.

I created a scene for this, I added my HDRi, I added my custom model (and a sphere for good measure). That scene now shows up when I edit material assets. I set up a rule set that applies the material asset to the scene, but it only works on the sphere, not the custom model. I tried to create a matching rule in the model asset, but no joy.

Thank you for the training links. I watched some of it, but I am currently trying to execute a challenging proof of concept for a client, and learn your toolset, and keep five other unrelated projects moving forward. I would be most grateful for a scene I could reverse engineer.
Here’s the kicker: I also can’t figure out how to DM you in this forum. :worried: Perhaps I must go outside route.

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No problem, I DMd you!