White Color looks like gray

Hi, I’m trying to put a color on a model, but it looks like the model when the color is applied has an opacity, but I don’t know how to change that.

At the image below the color I setup is white, but looks like a light gray

Hi @Luis_Locon have you created a material asset and applied it to your mesh or are you just using that color picker to assign colors to your item?

I would suggest creating a material asset type, giving it white color, and applying it to your mesh in the Reference Asset dropdown. The off-white appearance may also be due to the lighting in your environment.

Hi @Will I already tried but for me looks as same than I already post above

Can you invite me to your org and send me a link to your asset?

For sure. I think you’re already In on my org.


I sure am. Here are the first couple things I notice:

The opacity you notice is not actually the item being transparent:

It’s actually the floor of the 3D space, your item sits below the floor’s surface which makes the grid appear in the middle:
Large GIF (1440x756)

Secondly, the material you made is indeed white as you can see here:

As I said earlier, the off-white appearance may be due to the lighting in your environment. The environment your item sits in has a default lighting applied - and just like in real life, something that is white can appear off-white in certain lighting conditions.

I would suggest creating a stage for your item to be placed in, so you can adjust lighting for your products. More intense lighting may help you achieve the result you would like. You can find a video on how to create stages here.

Let me know if this is helpful or not!