What is the recommendation?

Hi, I am working with the react dev kit from threekit.

I have a design that I want to replicate but I need to make some changes to the components, in the repository I read this:

I want to know what is the recommendation for these component changes?

These changes are just visual or style changes. For example add a number of options on the title on the dropdown <Colors (5)>

I would not like to make my own component for something so small given all the logic that connects the components with the threekit admin

Hi Luis,

The main reason for recommending against making changes inside the threekit folder is to make the act of updating the dev-kit for that project easy and less error prone. If you feel the dev-kit mostly has what you need for the project and that updating will not be likely then making changes to the threekit folder is probably the simplest and best way to proceed. I agree its not worth its own component.

I do recommend posting about the changes or features you find yourself implementing in the threekit folder as quite often it ends up being something that we would want to add to the dev-kit as part of its next release and make available on all subsequent projects. This is a good example of that - the ability to show/not-show the number of options present in a dropdown.

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