What are the steps involved to create a PDF?

Hi! I saw that there are developer docs for our PDF service. However, I’m uncertain about the steps before and after setting up the Liquid template.

Can you please break it down for me?

  • Do we have any reference examples of the JSON & Liquid that others have used on a completed doc?

It’s a very simple example but there is one here: PDF Creation

You have to provide the JSON to the data parameter and upload your .liquid file, that should be all you need.

The example in our docs is quite simple, if there is some additional information on liquid templates and how to use them I’d suggest checking out the Liquid Docs. For example you can add images and links:


<a href="{{ pageUrl }}">Link To Page</a>
<img src="{{ imgSrc }}" alt="image"/>


  pageUrl: "https://url-to-website.com",
  imgSrc: "https://imghost.com/url-to-image.jpg"