When we try to save the our config to this endpoint:


we get this response:

{"status":401,"code":"users_service_unavailable","message":"Error reaching users service"}

we double checked our token and it does appear to be right.

Can you point me in the right direction??

We deployed to admin-fts today, that may have caused an issue briefly. Can you confirm you are still experiencing this?

yes we are currently still seeing this

I will DM you for details.

I have the same problem, do you find a solution?

Hi Hazel, this message is typically seen with a bad API request or a request to the wrong endpoint. Can you give me some details on what API you are trying to reach?

Hi Will, thanks for your quick respond, I’m trying to import an asset using this endpoint https://admin.threekit.com/api/asset-jobs/import throw a node.js app, my hostname is admin-fts.threekit.com and ny headers: “content-type”: “application/json” authorization: bearer {WT - removed token for security}. I created that token as a public token in the the threekit platform.

Our environments have changed admin.threekit.com is deprecated and no longer getting updates. Our stable environment, which seems to be your hostname is admin-fts.threekit.com

Can you try to reach the asset-jobs API by using the https://admin-fts.threekit.com/api/asset-jobs/import endpoint instead?

API endpoints should always match the environment you login to.

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