Typos and Errors on the threekit Documentation

I was going through the treble docs and found some typos and errors. I hope this will help in keeping the docs up to the mark.

Turns out a new user can’t add multiple images or link in a single topic so I have added a link to a google docs for detailed info.

Link to the file: Typos and Errors on the threekit Documentation - Google Docs

Thank you!!

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The treble docs have been in update-limbo for some time we need to push some changes to fix typos, broken links, and add additional docs. Thank you for taking the time to document some gaps! Another set of eyes is always appreciated - I’ll be sure to take a look and make sure we include anything that we may have missed.

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It’s my pleasure!! The overall Threekit docs is getting better and for sure it will get better and better.

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