Threekit Player in iOS app using Threekit iOS SPM

I have added Threekit SPM to my iOS project to use the player in my native iOS app, following the guides here.
But I get no results. I can’t see the asset that I have used the assetID to set up the Player. I have successfully created a token, so the authToken is in place.
Is there anything that I’m missing here? Are there any other guides that I can look into?

Hi @MinaAshna -

This iOS SDK is quite new so resources are pretty limited. Can I ask: did you create a public token and ensure the embedDomain matches what is whitelisted? Do you get any errors at all?


Hi @Will,
I don’t get any errors at all. So it’s difficult to say what is wrong. The only thing that I suspect is the embedDomain. I’m using mainly because I’m unsure what embDomain is. Any guides on embedDomain and the requirements? As you said, it has to be whitelisted.


The embedDomain is the domain that your token is pointing to. Public tokens whitelist websites where the Threekit Player is allowed to be embedded and are external websites, not the Threekit environment.

I am not too familiar with developing for iOS natively, does your application have a local or development URL? That is what your embedDomain & token should be pointing to. For example in the platform this token looks like:

And my embedDomain in my parameters would be: http://localhost

Thanks for the information @Will.
Is there any implementation or configuration that has to be done on the embDomain, or just a valid public domain is acceptable? That’s what I have now. And is a valid domain.

        embedDomain: ""

The tokens have to be configured properly - I would suggest looking at our documentation on managing tokens. If you still have unanswered questions, please follow up here!