Switch from webgl2 to webgl

I’m using Threekit inside my react app and some of the products are not looking 100% as expected.
I was told by Threekit guy that we need to render the player with webgl instead of webgl2.
He said that for doing it we need to add this to the player config:
rendererFeatures: {“webglContextType”:“webgl”}

like that we switch from webgl to webgl2.

I’m not sure where to add it in the code? I didn’t found any documentation about it.
I’ll be glad to get some help.


Hi @Achiya_Melamed -

This particular flag has not been documented yet but it should be a matter of adding the parameter to your Threekit Embed.

For example:

        authToken: "01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef",
        el: document.getElementById("player"),
        assetId: "e12a45f7-8b39-cd06-e12a-45f78b39cd06", 
        showConfigurator: true,
        showAR: true,
        rendererFeatures: {"webglContextType":"webgl2"} // Your renderer feature
      .then(async function(player) {
        window.player = player;

Please let me know if this is helpful.