Surfaces not importing correctly

I am trying to import an asset into threekit and one of the surface bodies is not coming in correctly

everything else in the model shows up perfect except for what is in the picture above. I am importing from Rhino6 as an OBJ file. So far that is what has given me the most success. I tried using FBX file exports but they would always fail to upload into the website. Do you have any recommendations from a file type perspective or what I can do to fix that bad surface body? Are there different settings within OBJ or FBX that I should be looking for to improve image quality?

Thank you for your help!

Hi Logan,

I’m not aware of anything that could be causing that on threekit’s end. If you’re able to share the FBX or OBJ file I can see if I can get some time to have an inspection done on them.


Hey Ian,
I was able it out. Im not sure why the OBJ file was acting up but if I used a FBX mesh V7 Binary or ASCII file type the issue was resolved.

Fantastic I’m glad you were able to get that resolved