Support Comments & Attachments UI suggestion

Hello, I have a suggestion for the User Interface in the Cases Comments & Attachments tab where if there is a long string of comments and the user has to go to the View All button since the main page only shows the most recent 6 interactions, there be a way to properly read the comment strings.

Right now if a comment is too long to show in the 1 line column, you can widen up the column as far as the comment is. Which is fine if the comment is short, however, if the comment is very long and detailed, the only way to read it all is to tediously and slowly widen the column in small incremental steps. Perhaps make it so that the comments can be opened up fully on multiple lines as needed with a “Maximize Comments” button.

If this is already a function, where might the action be on the interface>

Hi @Travis_Winch thanks for your post! Is this feedback in regards to the Threekit platform or the Threekit support portal?

Hi Will

Thanks for the response. This was for the Support Portal.

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Thank you Travis! I’ll pass this feedback along to our support team. In the future I would recommend opening a ticket in that support portal with this feedback so it can go directly to the proper team.

This forum is mainly for supporting usage & development with Threekit but I’m always happy to help with anything I can!

Thanks a tonne Will. I’ll go through the portal from now on for UI suggestions.

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Great! If you’re unsure of where to go for support you can always find me here :+1: