Setting up the Camera in Three kit Platform

“We need to create captive camera with 12 views, spaced evenly around the object (think of the user being able to toggle their way around 30 degree increments use can switch between these camera also we need to create free 360 degree rotation camera as an option.” Can you please advice how can we create it?

Also, can you please help in creating fixed interior camera angles in three kit platform?

Hi Garima,

This is possible if you place the cameras where you desire and then you will add an attribute that will control the camera angles. Ex: Camera Angles: 1, 2, 3.

After you have the attributes set you will have to create rules to drive them. Camera Angle = Camera 1, set active camera to Camera1


You can import these rules in JSON if you have a large amount but if it is 12 views it may be easier to do it manually. We are releasing a feature called lookup tables will be soon, which will allow us to do this more efficiently. Please let me know if I can help further.