Setting Different Default Values In One Attribute

In this particular case we have two attributes, saddle type(standard and leather) and saddle color(Multiple colors). Standard has multiple colours where black would be the default while leather has 2 options black and brown where brown would be the default. We need the default values to change while switching between the two options. Is this possible? If so, how?

Hi Aryan, what have you tried so far? You can achieve a lot with our rules and actions system, sometimes it takes some experimenting to get the result you are looking for if you are new.

I am going to use this setup as an example.

I created two rules:

Essentially it says: if Paint is any of Paint A and has changed, set the Subitem value to the default value I want (in this case Paint A - Subitem 1).

Recording of it in action here.

Let me know if this is helpful or not!

Hi Will, thank you for responding. I have used the suggested setup and the options in the configurator are indeed changing but while making the change the model becomes material-less. How can we avoid that?

Do the materials disappear when you are setting configuration via Javascript? That typically happens when you set the configuration of the wrong type. For example, string vs part-reference:


configurator.setConfiguration({ Color: "Red" });


  Wheels: { assetId: "26e0c72c-77a2-4fae-a81d-c995e32187f2" },

If you set a part-reference attribute to a string value it will appear as if the materials are removed. You can check your attribute types by calling configurator.getAttributes()