SelectionSetStyle color and opacity properties have no effect

I’m highlighting nodes and finding that the SelectionSetStyle outlineColor and outlineThickness properties work for highlighting. However, I’ve tried changing the color and opacity properties as well, but am not seeing any change. Is there something I’m missing? Does it depend on the type of node added to the selection set?

Would you mind sending a snippet of how you are handling the property changes? The below snippet works for color changes and opacity should work the same way although I do not see changes when I test opacity. Let me investigate.

   outlineColor: 'red',

Sure, that property works (outlineColor and outlineThickness), the other two in the docs are not for me:

   color: "#FF0000",
   opacity: 0.5,

Thanks, I’m noticing the same thing. I am looking into it.

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Hey Mike, my team informed me there is a gap in our documentation and the opacity and color options for the selectionSet API are not working, thanks for pointing this out. I’m going to log a case to get it resolved.

Sounds good, thank you!