Saved Configuration Not Reflecting In The React Component

We are trying to add the Save And Resume Configuration feature in our UI, for that we have followed to procedure mentioned in the dev kit.

Approach 1:
Now we have two buttons ‘Save’ and ‘Resume’. After I get the saved object I pass the config id in the resume function.
Upon clicking on the Resume Button we see that our materials in the Threekit Environment have changed but the same are not selected in the Threekit React Form component.

Approach 2:
We take the resumeURL from the object and use it to open a new tab. Now the config is selected in the Threekit React Form component but the materials are not applied in the threekit environment.

Is there a way to get both the results at the same time? Thanks!

Hi Aryan, I’m looking into this issue right now, would it be possible for you to provide a code snippet of what you’re doing in the first approach?

const resume = async () => {
const re = await window.threekit.controller.resumeConfiguration(%configid%);
return re;

thanks aryan, I’m not sure whats happening there, I’m trying to contact someone now who is more familiar with the devkit. I will update you asap.