Rules and Logics getting reset on its own

Rues and logics are getting reset automatically after we set/save everything in the configuration. Maybe there is bug or we are missing something. Please look into this and let us know for further proceeding. Here’s the link - *WT- Removed link to org

Hi Garima,

Before I look in your environment can you confirm that you either have auto-save on or are clicking Save at the top right of the screen?

Additionally, when you are editing rules be sure to click the Done button on the rule editor screen. Navigating away without clicking Done may not save your changes.

Hi Will,

Yes we were earlier autosaving but as it was not working so then we were manually saving the file after each configuration. Also, yes we are clicking the Done button.

Thanks for clarifying. Can you please do me a favor so I can troubleshoot - clone an asset in your org that is having this issue and DM me the link. I will investigate for you!

Hi Will, Here are the Clone Links

Removed links to assets - Will

Hi @Garima - I’m unable to replicate this issue. On the first two links you sent I added test rules to log a test message and they are all saving.

Can you confirm you are still having this issue? If so, can you please elaborate on what you are doing when you experience this? For example: is it when you are writing a custom script and leaving the logic page or is it other actions specifically?

Hi Will,

We tried adding the rules again. These are still getting disappeared. Please see the attached screenshot.

Now this is happening for two of the projects, Modular closet and Gat creek. Below are the links -

*Removed links to assets - Will

@Garima I am going to close this thread and open a support case on your behalf. Someone from Threekit will be in touch via support channels to investigate. Please DM me if I can provide any details.