Player API -Tools Manipulation

This is regarding Tool Manipulation of the Client Side Player API.

  1. Is there a function to know what all tool we have added.
  2. We want to disable the default tool i.e orbit, zoom and pan.
    setTool is not working. But if we remove the tool the it works. Can we get some detailed documentation .

Hi Prashant, are you achieving the results you would like but find a gap in the documentation?

There is a function to know what tools are added, it is not yet documented or fully supported. Thank you for pointing out the documentation gap.

let api = player.enableApi('player');;

Please try this and let me know if it helps.


  1. don’t fetch any results.

Only following functions are available. There are no properties to get/set

  1. We are not getting the desired result with setTool method.

In my example I stored an instance of the private player API in a variable called api. Did you do the same? I tested it and it worked. If you call your player api in your Threekit initialization you will have to name it something else.

I will open a case on your behalf to troubleshoot the getting/setting tools. Someone from Threekit will follow up via support.

Thanks Will. With your suggestion the works now.

Thanks for creating a ticket for getting/setting tools.

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I’m happy to help. Please let me know if I can assist anywhere else.