Not right color on image uploaded

For some reason the image that I’m uploading in the Catalog is removing the original colors of the image… I have tried different changes in the image properties without success.

Hi Ivan,

I believe this has to do with the texture asset inputted into the Opacity Image Asset on your material. The image upload is converting the logo as black for the alpha, which is hiding it. You need the image upload to convert the logo to white for the alpha. Essentially, you need your material setup to use one image that splits into two texture assets, which drive the base color and alpha of that material. Your current setup is starting from an already inverted image. There is nothing on the platform triggering the invert action, so it does not happen on any of the uploads.

To adjust this you will need to invert the texture asset used for the alpha. You can find the setting under image. Remember to adjust your default texture after doing this.

You might also need to add a BlackWhite operator and adjust the threshold. The BlackWhite operator makes images black or white. The threshold adjust what values get converted to black or white. This might be unnecessary but it gives you some control over the conversion.

Let me know if you have any other questions.