No Rotation Attribute in new turntable feature

Hello. I was trying out the new turntable feature. To do that, I created a stage in Stages and a scene in asset and assigned the scene to the stage. I am not able to find how to get the rotation attribute. I followed the ‘stages’ part in advance self-led training but still can’t get the rotation attribute.
How to get the rotation attribute? Am I missing something?

The rotation attribute must exist on your stage not the item. Can you confirm your stage has the attribute you’d like to control the rotation?

Yes, I do have local asset attribute. Do I need to make attribute in certain way to make turntable work?

The issue is that you are using an attribute type of Asset. The turntable effect is to display your rendered items on a turntable so they can spin like our 3D player.

To work, the Rotation Attribute must be a number and that attribute should have rules that rotate your item.

For example, I have a Sofa asset in my ‘Turntable Stage’. That stage has a number attribute called Rotation with 0, 30, 60, 90 (degrees). When I change those values, my item gets rotated those number of degrees. By plugging in that attribute to my turntable, it will now let me drag and spin to see them on the turntable.

Let me know if this is helpful, if you need a more robust example I can create one for you.

Thanks @Will . We will try and let you know . We are planning to use the option for one of our new client .