Multiple objects of the same model in a scene. Need to change color individually

for this client, we need to design a shelve that will have boxes of same type. But using the configurator client can change color of each individual gift box. There will be total of 4 boxes in each shelf. for POC we have added 4 objects of same model. The link is below. please let us know how we can change color of individual gift box.

*WT - Removed link to asset

Hi Prashant,

You can target individual models via a rule in the logic area. Each attribute can change the color for a specific model.

For example:

Of course your setup or materials may be a little different but the concept would be the same.

but in our case the model is same. in our scene all the object are pointing to same model

If that is the case you will have to create a configurable product as normal and place instances of those models into a scene. In your scene setup, create placeholders where you would like the configurable assets to be and then you can place them into a scene as normal.

Create your rules for each as well:

Then your scene will expose the configurators for each of those models: