Material Selection Logic Question

I have a bunch of components to add/change materials to with logic rules. Seems like I’m going to have to add 70some odd rules to make it work - but I could be doing something wrong. I see there’s an option to set a property, and material name is one, but all I get is a flashing field. So maybe that’s not integrated yet?

If not, anyone have a sample of a custom script you’re using to set materials?

Thanks for any advice…

Is your concern that you don’t want to create 70 rules like:
If “Red” -> Use Red
If “Blue” -> Use Blue
… x70?

You should not have to do that. A “Set Material” Rule on a Model can target multiple nodes and use the attribute value.

You select multiple Nodes like this:

Use the Value of an Attribute Like This:
2020-11-10_14-27-40 (1)


Aha! I knew I was doing something wrong - thanks Matt!

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