Magento Plugin installation with Composer

Hello Team,

We are trying to install the Magento plugin with composer for a client, but we are not sure which is the url to use as repository to install this plugin. Does any one can guide us on which is the way to do this installation or guide us with the best way to make it works.


Reference Link for installation that we are following:

  • Ivan

Hi Ivan,

Can you please refer to this guide from Magento and let me know if it helps you?


Hi guys, @Will i did embed the player in magento, but whats the way to map the attributes from the player to magento customer view?


@Joel out of the box our Magento connector only adds a 3D visual to the product page, all attribute mapping will have to be done by you or your developers. The connector does expose our client-side API, which you will be able to use to add configuration logic.

You can use Magento’s attribute swatches, buttons, radios, etc to build the form and add logic on top of it. An example we built doing this can be found here.

Let me know if I can help further.

@Will, thanks for your help, I’m going to try this way.

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@will, could you help me with how to connect with the API it has to be done by the admin side or it has to be done via code I dont know if you have an example to be more clearly please, Could you give me some guidance on how to do it?

@Joel you will have to add code somewhere in Magento. You could either create a module or extension or edit core files (which I believe is not recommended by Magento).

When you find out where to add your module or code on the front end, you can use our Configurator API to add configuration.

In the example I sent you in my previous post, we created a map of Threekit Attributes to Magento Attribute Swatches and added an event listener to detect clicks/changes to the form and then fired off config changes. I hope this is helpful!

I am happy to help you with any further Threekit-related questions, if you need Magento development help I will only be able to refer you to their documentation

@Will, thanks that was my doubt, I thougth it was via plug in, thank you we 'll going to integrate via code :+1:

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@Joel How did You get player ? When i install plugins through the composer, i can’t get them. I have configured product in shop, but i cant get to threekit player. Is any solution to check via browser is plugin installed?

@marc what version of Magento are you running?

Yes @marc, if you go to stores, then configurations and you have the same as the image attached, you have the installation well done, and it must be a CDN or tokens wrong configured, but if you dont have it as the image, I think your installation was wrong.

Thanks Joel - I’ve edited your post to remove your access token.

@marc if you are running the latest version of Magento you may have a compatibility issue. Our extension has been updated but is not released on the Magento Marketplace yet, we are waiting for final approval.

Thanks, for answears.
Curently ma magento version is Magento ver. 2.3.
On my local enviroment works fine but i installed it through app/code folder.
On ftp my admin install it by composer. In shop i added token and cdn and in product add token. But i can’t see the player on product page.

When you load your product page do you see the 360 icon?

If so, can you confirm the token you are using authorizes the domain you are trying to load the player with?

You cannot use the same token for your local env and deployed version unless both URLs are whitelisted, however we do not recommend authorizing local environments and deployed environments with the same token.

I don’t even see the 360 icon. :frowning:

btw, if my domain is how should looks like my domains fields for public token?

And on the Magento product record in the Threekit section, did you add the corresponding Threekit Asset ID?

When you create tokens you should enter the domain you are embedding Threekit on. If you are using subdomians, you will have to authorize each subdomain.

The below screenshot shows a token that would work for, and, but NOT - be sure you are explicit in the domains.

Please check everything listed above and let me know if this helps at all.

I did what You say. But i still don’t see 360 icon.
I try find (after page load) a threekit-player through find options or console(in browser) but without success. Maybe composer did something wrong :smiley:

Are your version of local Magento and remote version the same? Can you try to install via FTP and see if it works then?

Thank you for all the info!

Yes, i have same version of Magento. I will talk to my admin to install plugin through FTP…
If I install plugin using composer, and on Magento plugins list it is visible and enable, then i supose that (even i have not corect tokens) three-kit player script should be added to product site? Am i wrong?

The Threekit 360 icon and player would expose itself on the Product Page when you have added a Threekit Asset ID to your Magento product. If the tokens are incorrect, the icon should still show itself and you would get CORS or another error.

Please follow our installation guide I linked above to make sure you have completed all steps. If you continue to have an issue, please let me know and I will gather appropriate resources to assist you.