Logo Properties

Hi team, we were working on the entire properties for a logo, we did it as the documentations says, we can upload the logo, but we can’t modify properties, we are changing this properties directly but seems like nothing changing when we use a property, so what we need to modify is the size, and the position within the canvas I havent found nothing about that in the documentation could you please help us with this.

Hi Joel, can you tell me which properties you tried to manipulate without luck?

My first thought is to look at the size, Position and UV offset properties of your canvas and try adjusting those. You could also try to adjust the scale of the mesh on which the material is applied.

Let me know if this is helpful or not and we can troubleshoot further.

Hi @Will, thanks but seems like there is a bug whit this properties ‘UV transform’ when those get repaired I’ll tell you if that works, thanks

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Hi @Will, well the bug is fixed, but now when I change the UV transform nothing happen I also tried with other properties but seems like nothing is happening, and about the mesh we can’t change the properties of the asset becouse is already seted

I am going to open a case on your behalf, someone from Threekit support will be in touch with you directly. I am going to lock this thread as support will be handled through proper channels. Please DM me if you have any questions!