Issue with the scene and HDRI

We created the Scene and Adjusted the HDRI and lights. When we import the model to the scene it looks fine but In the catalog Item, the model looks very dull can you please help us with the issue or we are missing any steps attaching a screenshot for your reference.

Hi Garima,

If I am understanding correctly, what you are experiencing is expected. When you create a scene as described in our docs your scene should be able to take in any model by selecting from an Attribute called Asset. This creates reusable scenes and it also is a separate asset in your Threekit org. So while you have your model in the scene now, it does not overwrite the model in your catalog asset.

To see your asset & scene together, you can take 2 approaches (please make sure the scene is set up as the docs specify above or these may not behave correctly):

  1. Embed your item & scene on a HTML file for testing (docs with reference here). In the embed object please be sure to specify your catalog asset ID as well as your scene ID:
        authToken: TOKEN,
        el: document.getElementById("player"),
        stageId: '27b9cd7e-2bb2-4a18-b788-160743eb4b33',
        assetId: "e12a45f7-8b39-cd06-e12a-45f78b39cd06",
  1. Create a Stage to view them together on the platform. You can select your Scene as the 3D asset to place into the stage. Then add an attribute called Asset as you did in your scene and you will be able to see your assets in there and configure them to see how they look in the stage.

There are screenshots below for reference, please let me know if I can help further.

Hi Will,
We are following the same steps described in the doc but it’s not Working but in stage, it’s working fine. Can you look into our Scene what is the issue?

Hi, Garima, the asset-models referenced in the Catalog will not have corresponding Scene/Stage (HDRI) elements.

As Will described, if you embed the Catalog Item, you can associate a corresponding StageID in the embed code to view the embedded Item with the additional HDRI.

If you’re simply looking to preview the configured product with HDRI in the Catalog, you’ll have to associate the Catalog Item directly to a Scene-Asset (as opposed to the model asset).