Issue with the AO Map

When we apply AO map in a model it looks like this (please see attached)

Is this an issue with AO map? Can you please help us how to set AO map in a particular model? We acre currently using 2 UV sets, one for Texture and one for AO.

Hi Garima,

What UV channel do you have the AO texture on? The map override works by overriding the AO texture of the material applied to it. If there is no texture asset applied in the AO section of the material, then it defaults to the primary UV channel. If you have the AO on the secondary UV channel then you will need to adjust the material that is applied to that object. Go into that material and link a texture asset in the material asset’s AO selection and select UV1. In our platform UV0 = primary UV and UV1 = secondary UV channel.

Another method is to flip the UV channels of the object but I think that one might be more time-consuming. Let me know if that helps your issue!

Hi, Thanks for helping us out on this topic!

On the secondary UV Channel, we have the AO texture. We followed the step you mentioned but it’s not working when we link the texture on the material it won’t work please help us to find the issue.

I will DM you for a link to the asset.

Hey Garima,

I went into your asset and I did not see where you applied the suggested steps. I cloned a material asset and imported a texture in the org. If you go to the asset Abodu One Clone you can flip between the material Bronze_MAT and Bronze_MAT_NP. Bronze_MAT is the original and Bronze_MAT_NP is the clone material I adjusted. You should see it working on Bronze_MAT_NP. There are three main components to getting this to work.

  1. Plug in a placeholder AO texture asset to all materials where you want the map override to work with UV1
  2. Change the UV channel to UV1 in the material asset
  3. Make sure your model asset geometry piece has a map override with a texture asset in the AO slot

Here is a screenshot of what the material assets AO slot should look like to get this to work. I also left the material in the org for you to reference. Remember to add this to all materials that could be applied in your configurator and will inherit the map override.

Let me know if you have any more questions and if this works for you.