Is it possible to add rules to an existing item via the Rest API?

I am new here and my company is in the process of getting all of our assets set up. Now, I’m looking into what the most effective way to manage our attribute & attribute value data will be. Long story short, I’d like to be able to enable/disable attribute values on an item via the API so that my product team doesn’t have to add an extra step in their product set up process. Is something like this possible?

Hey Alex - there are a few APIs that may be relevant to you.

Create an attribute on an asset will allow you to create a local attribute or add a global attribute to an asset.

Update an attribute on an asset will let you update an attribute on an asset. This will only let you update the default value on an item, if you’d like to modify the attribute directly you’ll have to use the API to update an attribute.

Delete an attribute on an asset will allow you to remove an attribute from an asset.

It can be a bit tricky to wade through the API docs to find the ones you’re looking for so thanks for coming to the forum for some additional support.

Let me know if these APIs are helpful or not!