Integration with Magento2 custom options

Hi There,

we have a store on Magento 2 already integrated with Threekit and configurable product;
We are thinking about switching to a simple product with custom options (to simplify stock management) and specifically a 3rd party module to enhance such options: 🥇 Magento 2 Product Options Suite | Magento 2 Custom Option Extension - Mageworx

This module has the options to have visual swatches like, and update the product image based on the option selected.

Would it be possible to integrate this module with Threekit and the product variations?


Hey @andrea.durso -

Thanks for posting in the forum. Threekit is flexible enough that it can almost always be implemented into platforms/plugins/extensions that allow for JS and external API communications, however, utilizing 3rd party integrations can create a grey area of determining who is responsible for supporting the integration in the event of bugs, updates, or outages.

If this is a plugin your team is particularly keen on exploring, please let me know and I’ll see if our consulting team has any recommendations on paths forward.

Hi Will, thanks for your reply; the 3rd party module will be 99% be used in this project for its flexibility and it does fit within the client budget and scope, that is why I wanted to understand how best to make the 2 integration work together - I’ve spoken with their tech team and will also support us in case there is a need - we as a team will do most of the work anyway, I just wanted to understand the extent of the work that is needed in order to make it all work together to give a more realistic estimate to the client,


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I’m happy to answer any Threekit-specific questions to support your investigation! Please let me know if anything comes to mind.

Hi Will, in regards of the models working on a local environment, do we need a url whitelist to allow the models to be loaded locally? or any other particular configuration?


Yes, anytime you load a model locally you will have to create an auth token that will whitelist the URL or any local server you spin up.

You can find some additional information on token creation here.

If you need any additional help on getting set up locally please let me know!

I was given access to the env for the client, created a public token for my local environment, adding app.<local-domain>.test and <local-domain>.test for whitelisting;
I added my newly created token in my local Magento instance connector, using also as environment;
Everything else is the same as the production or staging environment (so asset and stage id on the products);
However I’m still getting a 404 when it tries to load the asset resources:

This is an example of a failed request url:<asset-id>?orgId=&cacheMaxAge=86400&cacheScope=cache2&bearer_token=<my public token>


{"status":404,"code":"asset_not_found","message":"Asset not found"}

I’m not sure what else I am missing in my local config to properly load the models

Can you confirm the asset & stage you are embedding exists in the platform? If everything looks correct you can enable supports access in Settings → Features → Support Settings and DM me a link to the asset & stage you’d like to embed.

I am able to see the assets searching for the models by name, same thing for the stage as well

I’ve enabled support on the preview env, I’m not sure however how to send you a DM on here

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I’ll send you a DM. Thanks