How we can get multiple catalog items at the same time

Hello Will,

We want to get multiple catalog items in L shape at the same time using API with a combined view but inside catalog items each item is different.

Each catalog item is different in (Screenshot-1). Kindly check the screenshot.

We need the result like in (Screenshot-2). Kindly check the screenshot and suggest to us how we can do it?


Hi Vikram, there may be several approaches to take. Can you elaborate on the functionality so I can help? Will each of those individual catalog items in the L shape be configurable? Or do you just need to lay them out simply?

We are using the Threekit configurator API but we are not able to pass multiple assetId in the configurator.

Each item is different it is is not configurable in L shape inside catalog items.

We are confused how we can get all items together in L shape from the threekit end.

Please tell us any one approach so that we can achieve it.


The end-user can add the items on the grid layout on the right top. which we have shown on the above screenshot-2.

After adding the items end-user click on apply now button then we need to load the model with combined view in the configurator.

Hello Will,

Can you provide some solution. We are waiting for your reply.


Hi Vikram this is a very custom implementation, I had to find resources to help get you a solution as I am not sure how to achieve this myself.

At a high level this can be achieved by following these steps:

(1) You create a root model w/ n-Anchors & n-Attributes. n is an arbitrary number that is greater the number of parts anyone would ever add.
(2) Then for every part can be added to the module, you create a Null for every Attach Point. Later, we will write a custom script that uses the translation/rotation of the Attach Point Null to determine how parts attach to each-other.
In their example (i.e. the L-Shape) the Attach Point would be rotated 90-degrees (probably along the Y-axis) and thus any parts attach to it will be rotated 90-degrees along the Y-Axis.

I have opened a case on your behalf to get more assistance in this build. Please expect further communication to happen on our support channels.

Ok, We are waiting for the resource.


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Can we achieve it with Threekit configurator API or any other rest API which we need to implement?

Vikram, this is a custom implementation and not something we have general knowledge articles written up for yet. I am finding the resources to help you, I cannot promise we will have an answer for you today but we are working on it.

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@vikram_s thanks for you patience while I track down resources to help with this. Someone at Threekit will be in touch to support your build and we will have documentation to support these types of projects relatively soon. I am going to close this topic - please DM me if I can help.