How to setup logic for a preset color combo that can be changed after the fact?

I am trying to set up my model so that the user can either select from a number of preset color combinations or set their own colors if the ones provided are not accurate to their model. For example, if the user selected the “Blueberry” preset the colors will change to blue, white and black, however, if the seat is blue in the preset but the user has a black seat I want them to be able to change that after the fact. Is there an easy way to achieve this?

Hi Julia,

Currently is your Preset Model Colors attribute setting the appropriate hex colors in your Seat, Arms, and Deck attribute?

Or are you asking how to set have Preset Model Colors set the appropriate values? I don’t doubt we will be able to achieve what you’re looking to do I’m not sure I understand the question so any clarification would be helpful!

Yes, sorry for the confusion! So the preset model colors are all set up with the appropriate hex colors and they are working correctly. But then I want the user to be able to change those individual colors (trim, seat, arms, deck) after the fact if needed.

If the rules you set up are preventing the seat color from being changed when the preset selected, there are a couple of routes to take. The simplest approach I can think of would be to add an additional ‘custom’ attribute value to your presets.

This would allow your users to click Blueberry and then further customize the seat/arm color. If this doesn’t nail what you’re trying to achieve let me know and we can look into other ways!Large GIF (286x402)

That’s the solution I went with but I just learned that I can take care of all the presets with snapshot metadata and then just leave those individual color attributes! Thanks so much for all the great help, I really appreciate it!

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