How to run API Player in specificc hosting/domain

Hello, I am trying to run the embedded with a public token, it seems that something is not working, Embedded test
When configuring the token it ask you for a domain, I’ve tried all the possible combinations for this domain and subdomain.
if you want to see code, go to the url then look for javascript console after that check the elements section.
Any suggestions?

Hey @cmontiel it seems like the JS file you are linking to does not align with the org you created the token in.

If you would like to embed on any page on the domain you can just enter when creating the token. Your token is correct and should be pointed to your subdomain. The bigger issue you are encountering seems to be in your embed code.

Always be sure the Threekit Player Javascript always aligns with the URL you log in to Threekit with. The script tag is pointing to <script src=""></script> but should be <script src=""></script>

Please update the script tag and let me know if you are still having issues.

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it seems that I got the same error, I changed the token the domain and the script source, also I’ve placed in the php server this instruction
header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *');

Will - Threekit Demo Engineer, edit: I removed the screenshot as it incldued your authenticaiton token.

Edit: Sorry I misspoke, you will need to make the token specific to your subdomain

I added myself to your org to troubleshoot and created a token to test locally, can you also double-check your embed code? I am getting a 404 when I am trying to locate the assetId you specified but I can find the stage.

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Yes, the domain was bad, so if you are using a subdomain, create the token for subdomain, also, the assetId token was wrong, I appreciate your time.


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Sorry for the mixup - glad the embed is working. Please let me know if I can help further!