How to create scene setup in the configurator for rendering?

How to create multiple cameras in a scene for rendering of a product? Also, how to create lighting setup? Should we use VRay scene and import it or should we use HDRI in Three kit configurator itself? What is the process involved?

@Garima - This will depend on your customer’s needs. Are they using Vray? Or are they only using webGL created Virtual photography?

If these are just webGL and not actual Vray renders you will need to create a new scene on the platform. I created one called Lighting_Scene_Test_v001 for your team. Here you can add an HDR.

I also created a Stage that will bring in both your lighting and your asset together. You can use this stage for rendering as well with virtual photographer.

For various camera positions you can also create attributes for Front/Back/Side and set up logic for the camera to swap to those positions when selected. You can also apply the same technique but have the model rotate instead.