How to add Text at a FBX file

Hello everyone,
Actually I need to add a custom text to a FBX file that the 3D artist sent to me, how I am able to reach that? I did read the documentation and followed the tutorial to put some text on a box it worked for me but adding text to a fbx file seems to be a different scenario… would you mind helping me?
I want to add some text in the red surface of this image:


The FBX model needs to have texture coordinates (aka “UVs”) added, so Threekit knows where to draw the canvas text. The box in the tutorial already has some default UVs.

It appears that the handle and wheels of this model have texture coordinates (that’s how it knows where to place the checkerboard texture). I can’t tell if the red object has texture coordinates or not. Ask your 3D artist to add texture coordinates that place the text where you want it.

I strongly recommend sending the artist a screengrab of the canvas text, as below, to use as a test texture. That way you can both see where the text will be displayed.