How should the rules and logics be applied for Pricing information?

We need to have different pricing with different currencies to be added for products on pricebook. Is there any existing example showcasing how rules and logic can be applied for this? Or what attributes to be used?

Hi Ashutosh, welcome to the forum! We are currently documenting this new feature so we do not have anything publicly facing at the moment. Can you elaborate on what you are trying to achieve so I can help?

If you are trying to add multiple currencies to your assets, you can simply create additional pricebooks and add them to your product.

Hi Will,
We have got predefined pricing for each model and on the top of it with different configurable options, the price of the model keeps increasing. So, I wanted to know if you can help me understand how to create this in the configuration.

Hi Ashutosh,

You can add price to items that are used as a part-reference and it will calculate the price automatically. For clarification - are you trying to change/update price based on the configuration of the attribute?