How do we define invalid combination on the configuration?

Hi Will,

We are using DataTables to determine the data for the configurations.
The three configurations we are using are:

  1. Size (has multiple size options)
  2. Frame Finish (has two options Aluminum and Red Oak)
  3. Map Rail (has two options Yes and No)

On the csv, that we use to import the datatable, Frame Finish ‘Red Oak’ always will have Map Rail ‘No’. Meaning on the front end when the user selects “Red Oak” for the Frame Finish configuration, we don’t want to show “Yes” under the Map Rail dropdown. To achieve this, we created a Rule on the catalog item edit page. Please see the attached image:

This worked on the front end player. However, when we again select “Aluminum” instead of Red Oak, it doesn’t show us “Yes” option for Map Rail. It looks like it still is stuck on the Rule we mentioned. Let me know if we are missing something. I will DM you the link to our dev environment page where you will see this problem.
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Hello Suresh
You need to create a similar rule with aluminum
As filter options and show both yes and no

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Thank you @Prashant! @Suresh_Lamichhane this could be a simpler than I realized from my first look - can you try creating a rule for aluminum first and let me know if it helps?

Hi guys,
Yes that fixed it.