Getting Issue with Zoom In, Zoom Out

Hello Will,

We are getting issue with Zoom In and Zoom Out on Application end but Zoom In and Zoom Out is working in Threekit account.

We have tried with uncheck the Zoom setting in player settings, save and then recheck and save again but we are not able to Zoom on Application end. Kindly check screenshot :-

Vikram Sharma

I will DM you for details.

Hi, i had almost the same situation but I resolve it with this, mark the checkbox and then unpublish, then publish. that refresh all cache in server I hope that works!

Captura de Pantalla 2021-04-05 a la(s) 2.12.00 p. m.

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Thanks Joel! When I took a look at the scene it appeared that there were camera constraints in place, which was why Vikram was facing zoom issues.

It appears your unpublish and publish toggle did the same thing as our other hotfix - good to know!

aaahh ok, well great :+1:!!. , yeah for our case this worked I forgot to tell you!!

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Thanks Joel and Will for your support.

Can you provide us running example PDF generation code using React JS ? or suggest us how we can generate with easiest way?

You can find an example in our docs here. It is not strictly for React but it should be a good starting point.

Yes will we have already checked the documentation but we have little bit confused what is the starting point?

Can you please elaborate? Is the documentation not helpful at all or is there a certain part that leaves you with trouble?

I have gone through an example mentioned in the documentation so I want to clear regarding how variables like userData, metadata in html template get linked with javascript code or their values can be called there (Do we have to use any Api for integrating our configuration, if yes then please provide any running example)?

I have created a case on your behalf, someone from Threekit will be in touch via proper support channels to help guide you. I am going to close this thread as it has gone off-topic from the original post. If you need further assistance please open a new topic or reach out to me directly.