Embedding the 3D player in a mobile app

Hello, I’ve stumbled upon ThreeKit as a solution to include a 3D Configuration for an iOS app I’m making and it looks promising.

However I have some questions and I’m finding a hard time to find concrete documentation and working examples of the player being embedded inside the iOS app.

I know there is a Swift Package for the ThreeKit player, as well as ability to embed it inside a WKWebView.

I have the following questions:

  • Is it possible with the embedded player to just be the 3D object shown (with the basic rotate gesture) while we can build an entire UI to interact with this player with the iOS Frameworks (SwiftUI)?
  • Is there any way to test freely ThreeKit on how it would look inside embedded in a mobile application? It would be great to see the capabilities of the 3D player when embedded in a mobile app.
  • Does ThreeKit has plans or provides a current way to submit a custom texture (such a logo) that the user is able to freely move in the mesh of the 3D object to define the position?

Thanks again for the help.

Hi @gecheverria - thank you for reaching out and showing interest in Threekit! There’s nothing in your list that seems out of the realm of possibilities (we tend to live in the browser so our native app functionalities aren’t fully documented at this time). We do have customers leveraging Threekit in native applications.

Before we dig too deeply into technical requirements, I’d suggest reaching out to our sales team to ensure Threekit is the right solution for you and your use case.