Editing Reference Asset

Once you’ve gone into “launch editor” of a 3D model asset is there a way to multi select nodes and change their reference asset at once or does that have to be done individually.

For example if I wanted all of the TrimSrf nodes seen above to reference the same blue asset material can I assign that material to all those nodes at once or can that only be individually.

I believe it has to be done manually, as far as I know there is no way to bulk-edit or apply materials to nodes at this time.

So I figured out a way to avoid applying a material to every node individually.
If all the objects in the node sub folder are all going to be the same material you can right click the first folder (in this instance the line the says RXT::INSERTS)

and click the merge meshes button. That’ll get rid of all the sub layers and you can assign a material to everything at once.