Edit Attributes without opening individual models?

So, I’ve got 100+ models in a project, and the artist mis-named the attributes on almost every single one of them. Is there any way to edit the attribute names without opening every. single. model. page?!

What I really want is some kind of spreadsheet or database view, that lists every model or asset, shows the Attributes in each asset, and allows editing of same.






I’m looking into this now Adam, sorry this is such a frustrating experience. I hope that I can find a better solution. I know this doesn’t solve the problem now but the new global attributes might prevent this from happening in the future.

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thanks Ian … will have to look at global attributes for next time

So Adam after asking and looking around there doesn’t seem to be any way to do what you’re looking for outside of global attributes. The only thing I could find that might help with this is this api which you could use to automate this process. But I’m not sure that that’s helpful.

Thanks. That one is a little outside my expertise but seems very useful for larger jobs. Hmm.