Duplicate node not showing on logic tab

I have a model I’ve been working with in the 3D editor and I after creating some logic, I noticed I was missing a component. I used the “Duplicate Nodes” option to create a copy, then transformed the copy into location. However, when I click on the logic tab to include the new component in the rules, the component does show in my drop-down list for setting a property, however, when I set a value, the component disappears. I do have autosave on, have closed and reloaded the page, all to no avail.

Any ideas?

Edit: I added a new rule to manipulate the new component only. It appears the logic tab doesn’t recognize the tranform? The part moves as I would expect, but it’s moving from its original location (where it was copied from - if that makes sense).

Hi Todd, thanks for your question. We have reached out for clarification so we can troubleshoot further.

Just FWIW…

This issue seemed to resolve itself, but in case anyone else runs into it, cloning the model seemed to fix the issue.

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