Does Image> Size do anything?

In the texture>edit interface, there is a section titled “Size” which defaults to Width 512 Height 512. I thought this might resize the texture, but as far as I can tell, it does not. It doesn’t appear to do anything. Am I mistaken?

Hi Adam, unfortunately you are right and those inputs do not change anything. I believe they are a relic from an old feature and should be removed.

It would be useful to have the ability to down-res textures within Threekit. Upload 2k, experiment with 1k, 512 to see the quality & memory footprint difference. (My goodness, the memory footprint difference between 2k & 1k textures!)

By the way, is there a tool that shows VRAM footprint of a given model/material/scene? Such a tool saved my bacon on another web3D platform.

In my ideal world, I could query the user’s device how much VRAM it could make available, and down-res textures on delivery. Having to deliver every user the least-common-denominator asset is a real pity.

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There is not a tool built into Threekit for that but there are some docs on best practices to achieve good performance and a high quality visual.

Those are interesting ideas - if you have other thoughts you can post them in #platform-admin:feature-request. No promises on an implementation of course :slight_smile: but I like to get perspective from users and can raise my hand internally.

Yeah, I’m sure getting client device information is far, far, outside the scope of what Threekit could do. :wink: That’s more like “let’s have Khronos & Google to update the webGL spec” level! Probably opens a nest of vulnerabilities, too, but wouldn’t it be nice?

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Just discovered: the Size setting does have a function on a Canvas, to specify its resolution.

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