Do Material Attributes work when applied to an asset?

So I have a lot of assets with a base mesh using the same material (Material A). It turns out that material A needs to have 2 color options. Is there a way to assign logic to Material A.baseColor without having to add a block of logic to every single base mesh? Or do I need to add logic to every base mesh that switches between Material A and Material B (the same as Material A with a different color)? I tried assigning a global variable to Material A itself that determines its color and then editing the global variable in the stage but it doesn’t seem to work.

The logic should only have to be done at the bottom level, the material. When the material is applied it would be a configurable material and expose the nested configurator on the platform.


If you’d like, you can invite me to your org and I can do a setup of a simple configurable material that can be applied to multiple meshes.