Display elements measurement in the same scene

Hi team, I am trying to display a 2D view of a Threekit scene. The requirement is to display the dimensions of the scene and the elements within it
Is there a way to tell the Threekit Player API to show the scene in a zenith view (view from top) and show some sort of flat view
Something like this →

or even like this
image (1)
I am loading the API from the following URL: https://preview.threekit.com/app/js/threekit-player.js and am able to access player/configurator API objects

Hi Joel, right now there is not a way out of the box to achieve this however a dimension tool is in development and will be released to preview relatively soon.

Right now to get the size of an item you can make a box and adjust it until it is the same size as the object by setting width and height on the box properties. That will be its size in meters.

Please let me know if I can elaborate on anything

Thanks once again @Will :+1:

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