Different tiling between player and AR

I have the tiling property setup at Models level and when I see the asset on the player looks fine but when I use the AR functionality the tiling is different. How can I fix this?


Hi Hazel Can you please invite myself and @Ian to the org you are working in and DM me a link to this asset?


Done! you should have received the invite.

Thank you! Can you let me know where those tiling properties are set? I see some on the texture level but not the material (from what I can see).

Hi Will… I set up this at model level…

Got it thank you for sharing. I’ve opened up a case for you so someone from Threekit (with more targeted expertise on this issue) can provide some guidance. Please reach out to me if you do not receive an invitation (or already have access) to our support portal!

Thanks Will, I didn’t received an invitation to the portal, can you send me one?

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I will DM you and get you access.