Defining attributes at every level

We have learned that with the new releases we have to define attributes at every level - Catalogue, Scene, Model, and Material but previously it was only at the higher levels.

This is a lot of redundant work on the implementation side, any way to avoid this?

Hi Nitesh,

Right now you are right, attributes need to exist wherever they can have an impact but we can alleviate a portion of your work.

We are building a system that will centrally define attributes and be reusable across Catalog and Assets and we can share more soon.

Here’s where we can help now: you only have to define attributes on the material, model, and catalog asset. If you set up a scene and allow it to take in any of your models following these steps you will not need to define attributes on the scene level.

If you proceed this way, the asset in your catalog should be linked directly to the model asset (not the scene containing the asset) and where you are embedding the player you will also provide the scene you would like to use. This will also allow you to use your scene on any catalog item you would like to embed without re-defining attributes on the scene level.


Let me know if this helps!