Datatables Rules Logic

Let’s say we are leveraging the csv import for datatables. And let’s say we want to use just one csv for all the catalog item configurations. Right now, we are using a rule called LookupSKU Where we are querying the datatable such that Set SKU = first value from the table where Color=Color. But let’s say we have another entry in the same datatable with same color, but different SKU, in that case it will fail, because color=color now have two values. How can we find a unique combination for the SKU. Our SKU is unique, but when we land on the front end, the only option that the user has is to choose the color. I added one more Column called ConfigId as you can see below. But I am not able to achieve what I am looking for. Obviously, this will work if we decide to use different datatables for different item. But is this possible with use of only 1 datatable. If we could have metadata in the where conditions, that would be awesome as well, because metadata has “ItemId” field which is unique.

Let me know.

Hey Suresh, in our latest push on May 13th we added a feature allowing for metadata queries. You can use it to query for catalog items or assets in your environment. Will this work for your use case?