Custom launch AR button

Has anyone managed to build a custom button to launch AR instead of using the default “view in your space” button. Is there an exposed method to call?

Hey Andy,

You can create a custom ‘view in your space’ button by following these steps:

First, determine what device (iOS/Android) the user is on and export the configured item from Threekit using our Asset Jobs API. iOS uses USDZ files and Android uses GLB to launch AR experiences.

Then, with the file provided by Threekit, you can launch AR by following the steps provided by Apple and Google. iOS and Android devices have different steps to launch but both are relatively straightforward.

I hope this is helpful!

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Thanks! I was hoping there was a hidden JS method, but looks like we’ll have to go down this path.

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@adtm - Would you mind writing a quick snippet of how you’d like it work? We’ll likely move in this direction and your input would help