Composite Vray and WebGL layers

Is it possible to incorporate a WebGL layer into a Vray Composite?
We would like to be able to add custom color functionality to certain areas of our Vray product renders.


Yup, the composite asset only decides how the images should be composited, and what objects should be pulled into a layer. You can choose to render some layers with webgl and some layers with vray. Once the images are generated, it doesn’t matter anymore what they were rendered with. They will be treated equally.

Thanks Andrei,

Can you think of a way that would allow us to use a color picker (or by inputting HEX values) to interactively change a paint color? Or would all the RGB values need to be pre-rendered?

There are instances where our clients specify their own paint colors and we would like to offer that as an option in our configurator.


Sorry about the late reply. For some reason the forum didn’t notify me of your second message.

Unfortunately there is no easy way currently to do something like that in our 2D player directly. Theoretically it would be doable through the use of the canvases, where you can replace the color property of a canvas texture with your own custom color attribute, and then use that canvas in an Image Layer in the Comp Asset. The problem is that Canvas assets are not supported by our 2D Player, even though our Comp Asset lets you select them. There is a performance reason associated with this, and we are not likely to get access to that specific workflow.
I do have a feature request already to allow us to use custom color in a layer in the comp asset, and that’s what you guys would ideally need. We could prioritize that if you guys officially request it.

In the meantime, the only alternative would be to build things using the 3D player instead of the 2D Player. We do have a feature in our canvases that allows you to load renders into a canvas operator called VP Renders. You can then apply this canvas as a texture to a material of type Unlit, and apply that material to a plane facing the camera. This is one way to fake the 2D player using the 3D setup.
Then, inside the canvas you can layer other color layers on top of that VP Renders operator.

To control the specific image being loaded in the VP Renders operator you need to provide the item and stage configuration, and you can get those using queries as you saw through training.

Still I would recommend requesting the color tint feature for the comp asset, as that would make things a lot easier.

It may actually prove easier to apply the canvas texture directly to the Background Image property of a scene. The problem with that is that you need to control the aspect ratio to work well with powers of 2. This could be done through the embed aspect ratio of the player in conjunction with the fill properties on the background image setting in the scene.


Thanks for providing us with those potential solutions. Two questions.

  1. How would we officially request that feature? I will double check with the organization, but that is a core part of our business so I would imagine we would want that feature.

  2. In the meantime, where would I find documentation on the VP Renders operator? I’d like to get a test set up in the platform to see if its feasible, but I’m not sure what “stage configuration” is even looking for.

Thanks again

Hi Alex,

  1. For now, the best way to officially request a feature might be by contacting your ThreeKit Account Executive. The person at your end in charge of the project should have their email address. I have given the Account Executive the heads-up already at our end.

  2. I set up an example for this in the training org that we used before. Here’s a link to a test Scene setup, where I have the Canvas asset set as the background image of the scene.

The Stage Configuration as well as the Item Configuration slots on the VP Renders operator expect a stringified JSON object. You will see in the example I provided how I added the CameraAngle attribute to the JSON configuration on the canvas in that Stage Configuration Slot.

I set the VP Renders operator to display the Refined renders as opposed to the Regular renders, which would load the renders with the Base Image settings only.
There are certainly several limitations with this whole workaround, which is why I strongly advise to push for the feature request in the comp asset.
You’ll notice that changing the configuration will behave a little odd, but at least you can see the color tint working.

Thanks for that example, however it seems that I only have read-only access to that environment so I cannot see the configuration attributes.

Hmm, strange. I will have to check if that’s a bug with the permissions. Can you please take a screenshot for me of where you are unable to see the configuration attributes?

I can not launch the editor on the asset.

Hi Alex, really sorry for the delayed reply. I granted you guys Edit Access to the Assets. Please try again.