Color Picker Configuration

Can you please let us know how can we create color picker configuration in Three kit platform? As an example, if we have one object in three kit platform and user can define the colour according to his wish. Please see attached screenshot. Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 20.09.22

Hi Garima,

Threekit has a color-picker as an attribute type, you can use this to allow users to select any custom color. A screenshot is below and you can find an example of it in action here.


Please let me know if I can help further.

Hi Will,

We are unable to change the color of object in the catalog Item though we can change it in asset. Can you please help us that how we can change color of object in Catalog? Is there any attribute we are missing? Please see the attached screenshot.

Hi Garima,

Please ensure your attribute names are consistent throughout the project. In order for the attributes to cascade from each level (material → asset → catalog or your project is set up) they will have to match exactly.

It looks like in Cement_MAT you have an attribute called Color and on the catalog item I see Cement Color. Can you please make sure those names match?

Let me know if this solves your trouble.

Hi Will, It doesn’t work. Is it possible for you to look into the asset?
Here are the links

Thank you Garima, let me look into it and find resources that can troubleshoot this.

Hi Garima,

You had this very close but were missing two steps. I clone a catalog item Abodu One - Clone - NP and it is working there.

I added Cement as a part reference tag to Cedar Selection.

Then I went to the catalog item for Cement. I added a Color Attribute and named it Cement Color. The Cement Color rule lives on the material asset, so you want to add it to the part reference catalog item or it does not feed into the catalog configuration correctly.

Once I added those two elements the configurator worked correctly. Make sure you have Cedar Selection set to Cement in the configuration when testing Cement Color, since Cement Color only lives on that material.

Hope that helps!