Color palette for the Color configuration

Hi Will,
I wanted to achieve something like this for our Color Configuration option.

Do you think it’s possible from the current preview threekit dashboard?
Let me know.

Thank you,

Hi Suresh, are you referencing their UI here or another aspect of their page?

In terms of their color picker, this is absolutely doable but would require you to build the UI yourself (or have another dev build it). As you probably know, our built-in configuration form is fairly simple and looks like this:

I would suggest looking at the documentation for our new feature: getDisplayAttributes() which will allow you to build the UI for the available attributes.

Once you have the UI built, you can use our configurator API to actually drive the changes.

Conceptually, you will loop through the available attributes and their values. For the case of a color picker, I would imagine the attribute would be something like Color with the values Red, Blue, Green, etc and when the user clicks on the color, the configurator API will drive the change.