Change render image with "camera position" attribute

We are using the 2d player with pre-rendered images. The product preview given to us uses the Camera Position control (link). The issue we are having is that we are trying to replicate this functionality on our own page and it is not clear how this page sets this attribute.

On our page, we have the player and we set the attributes through the Configurator API, setConfiguration specifically. All the other attributes attached to the product, we are able to set in this way. Although, the Camera Position attribute is of type Number, the API method does not allow the value of the attribute to be set. Even when we add visibility for the attribute to show up in the configurator, the value cannot be set through its control input as the other attributes allow.

Please help us to understand how to set the “Camera Position” (load a new render image) whether it’s using the correct API method or be it the configuration of the attribute on the product. Thank you in advance.

Hey @joe.deak -

Thanks for your post. It’s not super clear from looking at the page you linked but the Camera Position v2 is supposed to be set on the Stage Configurator, not the product itself.

As you can see on that page, if you try to set the configuration on that attribute on the product level it doesn’t update, that’s because it’s conflicting with the one present on the stage.

You can simply initialize the stage configurator similarly to the product and set the configuration there. Here’s how I got it to work:

const stageConfigurator = await player.getStageConfigurator();
stageConfigurator.setConfiguration({'Camera Position v2': 1})


Let me know if this is helpful -

Hi @Will

This worked perfectly! Thank you for the information :blush: